Top 5 Tips for NFL Draft 2019


1.     Download the NFL Draft App!

    Stay in the know about everything happening downtown with the NFL Fan Mobile Pass! Find out who’s playing on the mainstage, where to locate rideshare pick-up/drop-off, locate events on the venue map, and weather reports so you’re prepared at every turn. By registering for the pass, you can gain access to exclusive events and receive live updates from the NFL and your favorite team.  The app also features a 24/7 virtual concierge to answer your every question. J

2.     Snap a Picture!

   This weekend will be one to remember so make sure to keep your phone charged in order to capture every moment of it! Not to mention that photo-ops in Nashville are plentiful; walk down 12 South and find murals on every wall or visit the wings in the Gulch to find out #WhatLiftsYou. But if you’re looking for a real IG moment you have to stop by the Big Machine Store & Distillery! In addition to their beautiful copper still they are also home to The Biggest Machine Mule! So, grab all your friends and gather around ‘cause everyone is going to want a sip and a pic!

3.     Don’t Forget the Souvenirs!

    Everyone wants something to remember their trip by and one of the best places to get unique souvenirs is The Big Machine Store & Distillery. Bottle Your Own spirit with your choice of our Platinum Filtered Big Machine Vodka or our Clayton James Tennessee Whiskey and take your memories on the rocks. But if you’re looking for something smaller to pack in your carry on, we have airplane bottles, flasks – including a keychain version, tumblers and shot glasses galore!

4.     Stay Cool!

   Welcome to Nashville – where it’s 75, sunny, and extremely humid! Be sure to pack a hat or embrace your wild side and buy a cowboy one when you land. The big thing is to STAY HYDRATED! Still no amount of fans or water will cool you down like a Frozen Vodka Lemonade Slushy! Find yours at the Big Machine Store & Distillery and stay cool all weekend long. 😎

5.     Don’t Miss the Music!

   It would be practically criminal to visit Music City without experiencing first-hand the musical talent this town has to offer. And while I’m sure you won’t be missing Tim McGraw on the main stage you can’t leave without seeing some of Nashville’s up and coming artists. From writer’s rounds and acoustic performances, to live karaoke we’ll have it all at The Big Machine Store & Distillery and you won’t want to miss out!

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